Our Local Public Relations Firm

We do Public Relations, Local SEO, and Referral Programs

No matter how much effort goes into building and refining your marketing strategy, something else will always have a bigger impact on buyers. There is one voice that speaks louder than any blog post, captures more attention than any ad, and inspires people like no expertly crafted video ever could:

The voice of your customers.

The Local PR Firm is a different kind of Public Relations Firm- To us, PR means Popularity and Reputation, and it’s all about being local. Because we become part of the communities we serve, we know the struggles that small businesses and nonprofits go through in your area. We get to know the other businesses as well as the nonprofits.  We feel that corporate responsibility starts with the small local business, therefore, each of our clients are partnered with one of our numerous local charities to host Micro Giving Events which yield a tremendous amount of goodwill in the community.

We offer Local Citation Building, Local Referral Programs and Reputation Management with a focus on Video postings, as well as our community giving and online PR Strategies.

Everything we do is aimed at getting your community to talk about you.  

We look forward to serving you!

Chuck Leblo - Chief Strategist

The Local PR Firm