Achieving a great Reputation through the Engage and Socialize functions are only the beginning; now we must get the word out to affect your popularity.  This is where our alter-ego Social Kudo comes in.

We take that great feedback, reviews and #Videos that we capture from your customers, and put the out on social media as sponsored posts via Social Kudo, with cross-posting to your Social Media.  We use your customers own words to help promote your organization, and people listen.

Press Releases, Social Media sponsored posts and Event posting about your Micro-Giving events are crafted and promoted in a matter to get you the most press from the community.  Because Social kudo, the Non-Profit, or your customers are doing the “talking”, you will never look like you are self promoting your business.

Social Kudo is used as the consumer facing entity of our organization.  All sponsored posts, shared posts, Press Releases and even Feedback requests are seen under the banner of Social Kudo.  We also use as the site where Nonprofits can sign up to be matched with For-Profit organizations for Giving Events.

With Broadcast, we provide:

  • Local PR
    • We use giving events to help promote your organization.  
  • Local SEO
    • We create videos and press releases that will aide in your over-all local SEO.
  • Local Social
    • We promote these events under our Social Kudo Brand for maximum effectiveness.
  • Local Ads
    • We create paid advertising to maximize the impact to your Popularity and Reputation in the community