Mobile Marketing

Engage Your Clients via Text Messages

Mobile marketing can greatly help in promoting your business when you know exactly what the process entails. The best part is, it's fun, too. Done right, it can give 

your business plenty of exposure and attract more customers. Try out the tips in this article to ensure your success.


  • Cater to tech-savvy consumers by placing QR codes on every printed advertisement. Anyone who has a smart phone can use the QR code to access your site or coupons. You should include the QR code on everything - catalogs, brochures, business cards and posters. A QR code is an easy way for a consumer to find more information on your interesting products and services.
  • Successful standalone mobile platforms need a home base. Your mobile presence is dependent upon driving your customers to that base, or keeping contact with those who are already in contact with you. It is important to note that your whole business should never revolve around a mobile platform.
  • Remember with the onset of widely available cellphones, that you are in communication with real people, in real time. Keep this in mind during your conversation.
  • Produce a greater effect by using viral marketing with your ads. They may pass it along and increase the reach of your mobile marketing.
  • Allowing feedback via Text allow customers to tell you their thoughts, along with strengthening your bond with your customers. Regardless of a customer's opinion, you can always use feedback to improve your strategies.
  • Text messages are a great way to solicit reviews from your customers; it's easier for them, so they are more inclined to participate.
  • Make it easy for the recipient of your ad to forward to friends and family and chances are, they will. Prior to polishing your promotions, make absolute certain that they are simple to forward to others and even include some incentive to the original recipient for doing so and you will have an instant ad booster!
  • Make sure you have your customers Opt-In before sending marketing messages via Text.  There could be heavy fines, plus nobody likes to get spammed.


There is much to get done and also receive when you work with wireless devices with the intention of business promotion. It does require a system to manage, and at  Local PR Firm, we offer this as part of our Engage Strategy.