You Need Social

Lucky for you, We do Local Social

Daily posts on two Platforms for only $250.00/mo

Social media users are engaging on a local level. They are looking at events, news, and interesting things going on in their area, but this content can take time to curate, and it is only the tip of the iceberg on what social media management is.

No consumer likes to get bombarded with consistent sales messages. We invest invest time in building a relationship with your target audience on their choice of social media platforms. That involves engaging with them by posting high-quality content and asking their opinions, responding to remarks and reviews.  We also know that post can't all be about you, so we incorporate community events and postings into your mix to show that you care; after-all, it's all about raising your Popularity and Reputation in the community.

Each day, we will post a variety of content specifically selected for your business to create engaging social media posts to spark interest within your social media communities.  You will have the choice of two Platforms for these posts.

From creating and publishing engaging content to launching campaigns and reputation management... Your social media management just got a whole lot easier with the combination of Local PR and Local Social.