We believe that for an organization to be truly great, they must not only be Popular and have a great Reputation, but they must also be committed to helping others in the community.  This is why each of our clients must agree to a Community Responsibility component to any service we provide. 

We promote and administer frequent Micro Fundraising events which  get our clients noticed in their community by not only their target audience, but by the supporters of the local Non-Profits.  Upon establishing a good community reputation, we then reach out to the supporters of these Non-Profits and enlist them to refer and recommend your business in the community and on social media.

Socialize is a business strategy, not philanthropy, and it is the best way to grow your reputation.  We use our alter ego, Social Kudo, to interface with all Nonprofit giving events as well as consumer facing Social Media posts.

Socialize looks differently based on the service we provide:

  • Local PR
    • We talk you up in the community and teach you ways to increase your visibility/  
  • Local SEO
    • Getting other to promote you really helps your SEO objectives.  We facilitate this.
  • Local Social
    • Promoting others is very important.  You can't just talk about yourself on Social Media.  
  • Local Ads
    • Let us get the word out about the way you help the community, or how others are helping.  Our paid PSA posts help bring awareness to a cause, but give you the credit.